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Mom Goes Off On Stranger At Walmart For Breastfeeding ‘Near’ Her Boys.

Only those who have experienced it firsthand understand how tough it is to be a new mother. Simply because these mothers comprehend what other moms are going through doesn’t imply they have each other’s backs. Many women, particularly when it comes to breastfeeding in public, believe that other women are the ones who speak up for their fellow mothers and convey encouragement to nursing strangers they pass. However it’s not usually the case, which makes their public humiliation much more aggravating.

Aleigha Jean was trying to nurse her 7-week-old baby girl during a fast shopping excursion when a fellow mom approached. The lady wasn’t approaching her to compliment her multitasking abilities or to say, “Good work!” Rather, the stranger intended to judge her for having the audacity to nurse in public, in front of her 5- and 7-year-old boys.

Aleigha responded to this mom’s concerns on Facebook, and her message has gone viral. she wrote- To the a**hole lady at Cobleskill Walmart who felt the need to shame her in front of a bunch of people today 1. She was entirely hidden. 2. When her baby wakes up after a three-hour nap and demands to be fed, she will do so since it is her obligation as a mom to do so regardless of the situation or where she is.

Certainly, Aleigha had a blanket with her, but that didn’t mean she had to use it or felt obligated to. Aleigha emphasised that she will never compel her kid to eat with a heated blanket on her head simply as a result of the desire of a stranger.

She also handled this mother’s worries about breastfeeding not being something her sons ought to witness, despite the fact that the kids were not even there while she was nursing. Perhaps one could educate one’s sons to be respectful in such scenarios, she said. She is still baffled as to how a WOMAN, much alone a Mom, could put another woman down for such. She should never have to feel guilty about feeding her kid, yet this woman should be.

And, in case this woman missed it at the time, Aleigha repeated her parting message to any mom who engages in mom shaming: With all due respect and like she stated in Walmart, #GoF***Yourself.

To the asshole lady, in lack of better words, at Cobleskill Walmart who felt the need to mom shame me in front of a…

Posted by Aleigha Jean on Friday, 3 August 2018

Aleigha says that she had to take a breather after the woman eventually departed. That’s because, as a first-time parent coping with postpartum depression, she was hurt by a fellow mom’s harsh comments, yet she refuses to let it prevent her.

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