Mom Posts Her Son’s Scars To Show HOW STRONG HE IS.

At such a tender, young age, Finn Blumenthal has had to deal with so much. He was just an infant went he had his first open heart surgery, something that absolutely had to be done because of being born with congenital heart disease.

It was terrible for him, and it was very tough on his mom and dad, Kelly and Michael, who have another young son named Mason. It was another tremendous blow when they learned two years later that he would have to have another open heart surgery to save his life.

Says Kelly: “We didn’t think we would see Halloween or graduations or birthdays. We thought we were on borrowed time.”

On her Facebook page before the operation, Kelly let her feelings flow about it. On her page she wrote: “They say the strongest hearts have the most scars. Two years this scar has grazed your chest; a constant reminder to me every day of what you’ve gone through but also everything you have overcome. Tonight, I look at it differently than I ever have before because tomorrow, before 8 a.m., you’ll have a new one.”

The great news is that the operation was a complete success, and there were no complications. It was actually so good that Finn was standing up in his hospital crib after only about two hours. And Kelly called it a complete miracle.

Says the grateful mother: “This was the scariest, most complex surgery of his life. And we finally got to be that family that does so well and gets to come home. We are grateful.”

She also made a new post to her Facebook page, saying: “Today, your new team removed your bandage and I was able to see life, light and hope. I was able to see stability, longevity, birthdays, Christmases, weddings, graduations. For the first time, I was able to look at your scar and not feel pain and not feel guilt that you’ve been robbed of so many life opportunities.”

Now there’s a chance that young Finn may need some more surgeries down the road, maybe in his teens or twenties. But for now, there’s some really happy parents spending some good quality time with both of their young sons.

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