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Mom-Shamers Criticize Kate Hudson For Allowing Her Daughter To Have A Binky At 3 Yrs Old.

Being a parent has a lot of obligations and obstacles, and it’s all too typical for others to judge how other parents raise their kids. Celebrities, being famous personalities in the limelight, are more habituated to coping with continual criticism of their every action, including their parenting practices. Kate Hudson has lately faced criticism for permitting her 3-year-old daughter to continue using a pacifier.

Hudson is most recognized for her roles in romantic comedies such as “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” “You, Me, and Dupree,” and “Bride Wars.” She is also well-known as a fashion entrepreneur for her Fabletics sportswear line and brand. Hudson was raised by famous parents, and all of her siblings have now entered the entertainment business, so she is no stranger to the limelight and the cynicism that comes with it. She has, though, continued to demonstrate nothing but love and support for her youngest child and the decisions she enables her daughter to make.

Hudson, a mom of three, has seen it all when it comes to parenting, and she has maintained to enable her kids to express themselves. That doesn’t mean everyone else agrees with her actions, as many mothers have continued to fill the comment section of Hudson’s Sept. 21, 2021 Instagram post, criticizing her for permitting her 3-year-old daughter to use a pacifier — something many individuals assume the youngster is too old for.

Hudson has grown accustomed to being the center of focus and a prominent person in the entertainment business, having made waves as an actor, author, and fashion entrepreneur. Hudson’s love and personal lives have been equally hectic and rewarding. In December 2000, she married Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson in Aspen, Colorado. Ryder, the couple’s son, was born in January 2004. The pair remained together for a few more years until divorcing, with the divorce finalized in October 2007.

Hudson started dating another artist, Muse singer Matt Bellamy, in 2010. Bingham, the couple’s son, was born in July 2011. Hudson and Bellamy, on the other hand, did not remain together for long and dissolved their romance in December 2014. Hudson has maintained close relationships with both Robinson and Bellamy and co-parents her boys with them.

Hudson went on her first date with Danny Fujikawa, a musician, actor, and co-owner of a record label, just two years later. They had known one other for years before making the leap from friends to lovers. Rani, her first daughter and first kid with Fujikawa, was born on October 2, 2018. Hudson and Fujikawa have been in a relationship since September 13, 2021.

Hudson, a mom of three, has become accustomed to balancing obligations while sharing lovely and memorable moments with her kids on social media for all to see. Hudson recently faced controversy for an Instagram image dated September 21, 2021, that included her and Rani, the most visible portion of the shot being Rani with a pacifier in her mouth.

Many parents raced to Hudson’s post’s comment section to express their displeasure with her 3-year-old daughter still utilizing a cot and a pacifier.

While the criticism was strong, it was not without merit. ‘If ones kid sucks forcefully on a pacifier or his thumb or fingers beyond 2 to 4 years of age, this activity may damage the structure of his mouth or how his teeth are lining up,’ the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said. The AAP suggests praising or rewarding youngsters when they don’t use a pacifier to help wean them off of them. The AAP also suggests keeping toddlers occupied if they use a pacifier out of boredom.

Although Hudson has not publicly responded to the harsh reaction, she has continued to share images of her baby in which she expresses her affection for the youngster. The actress posted these lovely images of Rani on National Daughter’s Day on September 26, 2021. Just a few days later, in Oct. 2, 2021, Hudson posted in celebration of her daughter’s third birthday.

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