Mother Shares The Joy Of Having 3 Kids And A Loving Husband.

Story by Caitlin Henderson

If you think they won’t remember and hold dear these little moments, I promise you they will.

The moments you deemed insignificant, they will cherish.

The nights you felt like a failure because you were too tired or busy to cook supper, they will remember as a special picnic.

They’ll remember running carefree, chasing fireflies.

They’ll remember the way you gave them an extra kiss as you tucked them in goodnight.

They’ll remember the times you sat on the front porch and guarded their treasured rock collection.

The moments that you see as “less than” they see as pure.

One day, these babies of ours will be grown.

And we will wonder if we did enough.

Did we make enough memories?

Did we give enough grace?

Did we yell too much?

They won’t remember every time you lost your cool or said no to that extra cookie.

They’ll remember the times that they were simply being children, and you were simply there.

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