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‘My stepdaughter refused to babysit for free so I told her not to come home’

When you marry someone who has children from a prior relationship, you are practically marrying them as well. It’s normal to suppose that your partner and their kids arrive together. Read the story to know what happened in this blended family and whose side are you on?

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“My stepdaughter refused to babysit for free so I told her not to come home”

I (28F) talked to my stepdaughter (16F) a few months before summer started and asked if she could babysit her siblings for the summer since me and her father both work and since i’m pregnant all the extra money is needed, she said no because she has already made plans for the summer and she would rather not babysit the whole summer, but if I need help every once in a while I cloud text her. I told her no because it’s a full time thing and I need her everyday.

A week or so later I find out that she’s babysitting her aunts kids for the summer and when I asked her why she lied she said that her aunt is paying her and helping her learn Spanish (She’s half puerto rican) she also said that her aunt is taking her to PR and she wanted to get more in touch with her culture. I told her that she should always choose family over money and now I know that having a fun time is worth more than spending time with her family and don’t even bother coming to living with us for school.

She left me on read and only texted my husband during fathers days and on her siblings birthday, school started and she hasn’t came over once since the whole time when she would usually come every weekend nor have my other step kids since they only come when she comes over. My husband is now mad at me, blaming me for driving his kids away from him and my kids keep asking when she is coming over.

Am I wrong for telling my stepdaughter to not bother coming to school with us this year?

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