Pregnant Woman Dies After Being Hit With Concrete Block In Random Attack | She Leaves Behind 8-Month-Old Baby.

Warning: This article includes vivid details of violence that some readers may find upsetting.

The families of a pregnant lady who died after reportedly being struck with a block of concrete in a shopping center parking lot are seeking donations to support her eight-month-old baby. Diane Miller, 30, and her unborn child died at Royal Perth Hospital soon before 2 a.m. on Friday, after an alleged brutal event in the Waterford Plaza car park on Manning Road in Karawara on Tuesday evening. Miller died on Thursday night following a vigil at the hospital, with loved ones bidding their last goodbyes.

Angela Ryder, the aunt of Ms. Miller’s partner Phillip Edmonds’, has put up a GoFundMe page. She has set up this GoFundMe campaign on behalf of Phillip and baby Lloyde to assist sustain this family, she said. It was also said that funds donated would go towards any further fees the family faces as well as any future costs to pursue justice for Diane.

Phillip and Diane had only recently moved into their long-awaited house when the event occurred. Following Ms. Miller’s death, Ms. Ryder stated on the website that the cash donated will also support burial expenses. Before she died, Mr. Edmonds said that he was “struggling.”

Mr. Edmonds stated, he is in shock because of the accident, because of his partner’s accident. He went there to safeguard his family. He is having a hard time right now, and just wanted all to understand that Diane, his kid, and he are in their thoughts and prayers.

Miller was five months pregnant at the time and was expecting to find out the gender of her second child the following week. Her brother, Malcolm Clifton, stated his younger sister had always claimed to be the oldest and helped all in the family. She is their rock, but now he has to be everyone else’s rock, he remarked the day before she died on 6PR radio. She is the most beautiful woman one will ever meet.

Miller experienced a cardiac attack while travelling with her young family after a piece of concrete was hurled through her car window and struck her in the head. The homicide squad is now in charge of the inquiry. A 17-year-old kid from Kensington was previously charged with inflicting severe bodily injury. He is also charged with failing to appear in court on another offence. The accusation of severe bodily injury might be enhanced following Miller’s death. On Wednesday, the nameless kid appeared before Perth Children’s Court and will be seen again next week. Inspector Brett Baddock claimed last week that the parties had never met.

He just attribute it to supposedly stupid, unprovoked violence, which is intolerable and will not be accepted, he stated. Police said their investigation was ongoing, and investigators requested anybody who observed or has footage of the event to call Crime Stoppers.

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