Sad Girl Didn’t Expect The Stylist To Talk About This.

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Yesterday I took my 13 year old “niece” for a haircut. Her mother is my best friend. She calls me Auntie, so she’s my niece, and I love her like family.

A few days ago my niece’s father passed away. He had a long battle with cancer, but still, no child should have to go through this. None of us should.

Anyway, she wanted a hair cut and I was in town visiting so I took her. The girl who cut her hair was so amazing! They started chatting and immediately hit it off. They had so many common interests, music, musicals, local theater, obviously Taylor Swift 🙂 They shared favorite TikTok accounts, favorite actresses, favorite singers and everything in between.

My niece had been dealing with the passing of her father relatively well, but moments pop up and we are all overwhelmed. But for that hour, she was being treated as an adult. As a new friend to the stylist. As a VIP client who got the cut and style she wanted.

As I watched it all go down, I took a deep breath and appreciated the moment. First, watching my niece grow up to a mature young woman. Second, this random stranger who just decided to approach her next client with respect and kindness…. it seems simple, but will stay with me and my niece forever. I’m sure she may never know what that little hour really meant to us. But it was 60 minutes that will last a lifetime.

I plan to call the store manager Monday and email corporate to make sure everyone knows.

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