She tattooed her eyeballs blue and purple to look like an influencer, and now she is going blind.

A mother of five has revealed she laments not listening to her seven-year-old daughter’s warning that getting her eyelids tattooed may result in blindness – since she is now blind.

Anaya Peterson, a law student, was inspired by ‘blue-eyed dragon’ Amber Luke, an Australian model who had her eyelids tattooed blue in 2019 before going blind for three weeks.

Anaya, 32, of Belfast, was hospitalized as a result of the eye change and faces irreversible blindness as a result of a probable response to the eyeball ink.

The mother, who also has a tongue split and facial tattoos, now hopes she could go back in time.

The body modification enthusiast had her right eyeball tattooed blue in July 2020, and despite experiencing headaches and dry eyes as “part of the healing process,” she opted to have her left eye coloured purple in December of same year.

Anaya was surprised to wake up in August last year with ‘swollen’ eyelids as if her ‘face had been filled with air’ and appearing like she’d done ‘five rounds with Mike Tyson.’

Anaya booked herself into the hospital’s A&E unit as the swelling worsened, after recommended drugs failed to alleviate the ‘severe inflammation.’

The tattoo lover was given ‘medication through a drip’ for three days before undergoing a biopsy on her troublesome ocular the next day.

Anaya alleges that her daughter India was never on board with the odd tattoo because she was afraid her mother would ‘become blind,’ something she now fears as her sight worsens.

While Anaya was discharged from the hospital ‘on the mend,’ the incident has made the parent question her decision to follow in the footsteps of alternative Aussie Amber Luke.

Anaya has been advised by ophthalmologists that she is now at a very high risk of developing glaucoma, and her sight is already deteriorating due to ‘hundreds of thousands of floaters.’

The student states that her institution is assisting her and that she is receiving apps to make reading simpler as well as counseling.

Anaya maintains a cheerful attitude and thinks that the harsh remarks she receives online regarding her alternate look are normal.

Influencer Amber Luke has also spoken out about the detrimental impact of her blue-dyed eyes on her daily life, claiming in August that she encounters harassment in public and at work because of her unusual appearance.

She spent $250,000 on tattoos, piercings, and surgery to get it, yet she finds public remarks about her appearance ‘saddening.’

Before undergoing the body-altering treatment, Luke has advised individuals to make educated decisions.

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