Teacher Noticed Students Blacklisted Anyone Who Would Make Fun Of Their Special Friend.

There was one particular kid in our school who had autism, but was actually one of the smarter students (especially history for whatever reason,) and EVERYONE was super cool to him.

Jocks let him participate in their sports, even going easy on him just to see him be happy. They even lined it up so he could play during a football game (not an actual game but two schools in town participated and it was a full length game, just not part of the season or whatever) Popular girls would talk with him even giving him their numbers to talk with him outside of class, one even took him to prom every year. Nerdy kids would play video games with him in between classes and after school. People would always have a seat for him in the lunch room, where ever he wanted to sit even to the point of like arguing “No come sit with us!” and stuff. He was invited to participate in pretty much any school club he wanted, and overall was just super welcomed by everyone. If anyone even had the balls to try to make fun of him you were pretty much blacklisted by the students – it was SUPER uncool to be even mildly rude to him.

I was super happy to see him flourish the way he did.

Source: Reddit

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