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The church bus carrying 12 small children flips, but everyone survives because “everything was in God’s hands.”

Regardless of whether you believe in God, it’s difficult to ignore that some things occur on Earth that defy logical understanding.

It’s no wonder that so many individuals are encouraged by strong faith when apparently incredible acts of mercy and charity occur every day.

On Sunday, a Mount Zion Baptist Church bus in Texas was engaged in a single-car collision that might have possibly ended in an unthinkable disaster.

According to accounts, the volunteer driver of the aforementioned bus approached a tight maneuver too hastily and flipped the vehicle onto its right side.

According to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the bus was carrying three adults and 12 kids aged one to sixteen. Undoubtedly, any type of mishap poses a high amount of risk to the bus’s passengers.

Jennifer Guerra, a neighbor who lives near the accident site, said her family was just settling down for breakfast when they heard the bus overturn outside.

They just heard a tremendous boom, and when they came to the balcony, she phoned 911, Jennifer stated. And that’s when she heard screams, the kids saying help, help, she says.

Jennifer, along with a few others, sprung into action. They made their way to the bus and started rescuing youngsters.

She was just attempting to keep them cool, but it was crazy, Jennifer explained.

That’s the first time she has seen anything like that. She is simply glad they were okay, that they got aid, and that everything was in God’s hands.

They sat them down, gave them water, and attempted to calm them down. Assured them that everything will be fine.

Sheriff Gonzalez, meanwhile, said the situation was tough to manage initially since there were so many youngsters.

The driver (42) ran the passenger bus, he subsequently tweeted in an update.

The bus was inhabited by 3 adult passengers and 12 youngster passengers, varying from one year old to 16 yrs old. The driver lost control of the bus while navigating the bend, forcing it to roll on its right side.

The motorist was not hurt and showed no signs of being inebriated or under the influence. 14 of the 15 were sent to hospitals without potentially life-threatening injuries. The 15th passenger (33) was steady. The collision included no other automobiles. The crash is still being investigated.

By the grace of God, all of those concerned in the collision survived with minor injuries when the story could have ended terribly.

Wow! I find it astonishing that so many youngsters survived this disaster relatively unscathed.

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