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VIDEO: Fool Takes Sawed-Off Shotgun For Test Run, Regrets It As He Pulls Trigger.

A young man sporting a headgear depicting a few marijuana leaves was captured on tape while having some fun with a sawed-off shotgun. Although it is uncertain when the incident occurred, it looks to have occurred during the winter months, since there is snow on the ground.

The gun appears to belong to the man filming the incident, since the shooter asks where to discharge it immediately after the video begins. The videographer simply proposes that he “hip fire” the gun, which means that it should be at roughly waist level when fired. This is where things go horribly wrong – horribly wrong.

Despite the gun owner’s concerns, the idiot raises the pistol to face level, but there’s one problem: the rifle lacks a stock. The force of the weapon firing (recoil) would ordinarily travel through the stock and into the shooter’s torso.

Without this support, the sawed-off shotgun is pushed back, with only the hope that the individual firing the gun can handle it. Sadly for this “gangsta,” it was far from the case.

As one might expect, when the gun is discharged, it leaps backward and smacks the man in the face with considerable force, leaving him whimpering in the manner of a chastised dog. In the end, the hit left the shooter in agony and the weapon’s owner only able to say, “See, I told you.”

It’s all too simple to become immersed in what we see in movies, and that appears to have been the case here. Anyone who has fired a shotgun knows that it packs a powerful punch. This person, on the other hand, only expected a little “pop.” This is demonstrated by where he held the rifle right before shooting. The stock is an extremely crucial element of the firearm, and without one, particularly on a shotgun, it is nearly hard to keep stable.

So when this person got smacked in the face, it was his own responsibility since he didn’t provide enough space to accept the full impact of the recoil. He caught it with his face rather. It only points out that you should always have some previous information before shooting any type of firearm. If you don’t, you can wind up making a fool of yourself like the guy in the video.

This is why gun safety is so essential, and why more individuals should be concerned about it. Buffoons like this man simply give gun-grabbers more fodder to try to take away our legal firearms. Be wise and avoid becoming this person.

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