Waiter Embarrassed The Rude Couple At The Wedding In The Best Possible Way.

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During college I worked for an independent catering company that mainly did weddings. People tend to be either very nice or very mean at weddings to wait staff and the company I worked for didn’t really care about the customer so I always tried to go out of my way to make everyone’s experience better.

Because my company was independent it means that we would travel to whatever venue the wedding was being held at and didn’t actually work for that venue. After dinner at this specific venue I was bussing plates and had a full stack of about 10 in my hands with silverware in between them which created some imbalance and they were heavy. I was walking quickly trying to get back to the kitchen without being in anyone’s way.

This woman tried to flag me down as I was coming towards her and I stopped quickly to say “I’ll be right back ma’am I just need to set these down quickly” as I started to walk away she grabbed the back of my arm and squeezed it which made me drop the plates I was carrying. Luckily only a couple of the plates broke and she just sat there and scoffed while I picked them up. Once I was done cleaning up she snapped her fingers at me and did the finger signal to move in close and she said “now that you’re done being a klutz where is the gift table for me to put my gift for the bride and groom”. I was so taken aback that she would talk to me this way. I explained to her that I only worked for the catering company and wasn’t sure about where the venue has set that station up. She responded by saying “well you need to do your job and find out then don’t you?” In the most condescending tone I’ve ever heard. Now normally if the guest was nice I would have been more than willing to go find the wedding planner and ask but not this time.

At this point I was done being treated poorly at my job by guests and my bosses and it was one of those moments I didn’t really care if I got fired or not. So I got on my knees and started bowing to her saying “yes master, of course master anything for you oh great one”. She was PISSED and her husband was mortified. I got up looked around the room and from where she was sitting I could see a table with gifts on it. I pointed and said “I think it’s over there you can see it from where you’re sitting and I hope that no one ever talks to you or your kids if you have them like you talked to me”. At this point she was speechless and seemed embarrassed her husband mouthed I’m sorry to me and they left shortly after.

I didn’t get fired but I chose to quit a couple weddings later after some more unfortunate events.

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