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Whoopi Goldberg Turns 67 – She Became Great-Grandma, Sold Farm Home & Allegedly Dated A 90-Yr-Old Billionaire.

Whoopi Goldberg, the famous movie actress, is now 67 years old, and much has changed in her life. One thing about this amazing actress that will never fade is her extraordinary capacity to set things straight when she senses there has been a mistake.

A review of Goldberg’s performance in “Till,” a biography, stated last month that she improved her appearance for the role by wearing a fat suit. Not long after, on an episode of “The View,” Goldberg refuted the assertion.

During her presence, she clarified a misunderstanding by referencing a sentence from the review. She declared emphatically that she was not wearing a fat suit and that she didn’t care what the writer thought about the film.

Goldberg went on to say that while it was acceptable if the writer didn’t like the film, they needed to leave individual’s appearances out of it.

Goldberg expressed her hope that the writer did not know and cautioned them to avoid making general remarks since it makes them appear inept at their jobs.

Her co-hosts, notably Sunny Hostin, echoed her feelings, mentioning Goldberg’s health struggles throughout the years. Hostin recounted Goldberg’s hospitalization and recommended the writer to “do your homework.”

The publication that carried the review, has subsequently removed the quotation and included a disclaimer at the conclusion, indicating that Goldberg has confirmed she was not wearing a fat suit.

As previously said, many things have changed for Goldberg. One of these factors is her choice of residences. The skilled actress reportedly listed her Vermont rural property for $2.3 million in 2011.

The historic structure was constructed in 1790 and sits on 745 acres. The estate as a whole is conveniently located only minutes from lakes and skiing.

It is a paradise that anybody would want to maintain, but Goldberg had reasons to sell regardless of how wonderful the house was.

Living in a metropolis, she claims, has taken away some of her freedoms, such as the opportunity to go outside without fear of being watched.

That’s how she came upon the Georgian Colonial-style house she bought in 2009 for $2.8 million. The estate, which is currently believed to be valued at least $3 million, is 12,713 square feet in size and is located within a 425-acre private enclave.

Goldberg has had an interesting life up to this point, and it is not simply the superficial changes she has gone through, such as shifting residences. Her personal life has also seen considerable adjustments.

She had a grandchild at the age of 34, thanks to her daughter Alex, who gave birth to Amarah Skye. Jerzey, her second granddaughter, was born in 1995, and Mason, her first grandson, was born in 1999.

Goldberg, 58, became a great-grandmother for the first time and announced the news on her Instagram page. She shared a video of herself feeding Charli Rose, the infant, using a feeding bottle. She was moved by the action and mentioned that she hadn’t fed a newborn in over four decades.

Goldberg has been trying hard to be a terrific great-grandmother to Charli since she was born. After giving birth to her first and only kid, Alex Martin, at the age of 17, she said she wasn’t the finest mother, but she made up for it by being a great-grandmother to Charli.

Goldberg determined some time ago that she could no longer devote to being with a man and would rather concentrate on her family. That also appeared to have altered. Amara, her granddaughter, let the cat out of the bag in an episode of “Claim to Fame” that she had a boyfriend who was around 90 years old, and she would go hang out with him.

Amara disclosed that his name was John and that he was a billionaire. Goldberg, according to the talkative Amara, used to sneak out for conjugal appointments at random.

Goldberg hasn’t said anything about this mysterious man, but if she does, her followers will go crazy. The actress was married three times but never felt emotionally committed in any of them. Maybe this rich nonagenarian has unlocked the code that those men were unable to break or not.

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