Why This NEW MOM Couldn’t Stop SMILING After Holding Her Own Baby.

At the 3-month mark of her pregnancy, Julia Clardy felt great. She and her husband, Jason, were really excited, and they were told they could expect a little baby boy.

But at the 23rd week of her pregnancy, little Lawson decided he wanted to come a lot sooner than anyone was expecting…. three months sooner. He was tiny, about the size of a pencil, and he was quickly transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit.

There were a lot of issues with him being born so early, and doctors told Julia and Jason that he only had about a 26 percent chance of surviving. Julia leaned over and told little Lawson: “Baby boy, there was not one second that the thought of you not being here crossed my mind. You were ready to fight because you have God on your side!”

Two weeks after Lawson was born, Julia was finally able to hold him after all that time in the incubator. Then, there were many surgeries for the little baby, who relied on a ventilator to breathe, along with other scary devices being hooked up to him.

After two months, Julia spoke to Lawson again, and said: “We will never forget that night that they said you wouldn’t make it. “We made a promise from that point forward we would keep our faith strong and our hearts full of joy, and boy have you blessed us in ways we never imagined.”

And then, little Lawson reached a big milestone… surviving 100 days. With that, Julia said: “Happy 100th day in the NICU to our pencil baby who is officially FOUR pounds over his birth weight and proving God’s faithfulness with every day that passes! Lawson, you’ve given us 100 days of pure happiness, 100 days of strength we never knew we had, and now we are 100 days closer to bringing you home! We love you so much and are so blessed to watch you grow and serve the Lord with your testimony at only 100 days old!”

Lawson is still fighting for his life, and his parents are still appreciating any prayers that go his way.

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