Wife Love Towards Her Husband’s Grandfather Is Truly Exceptional.

I visited my husband’s grandfather today. Aside from my father-in-law, I’m the only one who visits him. He was the first one who sent us money when they rushed me to the hospital because of preeclampsia. He was there when we buried our son. I’m forever grateful for everything he has done for us. My husband doesn’t see it that way. Anyway, today, I asked him what kind of sub-sandwich he likes. I said, I’ll get it for him tomorrow for lunch. He must’ve forgotten because he called me at 8 asking for his supper.

I was at work (still am). I explained that I meant for lunch tomorrow but I said, I’ll call my husband to get the sub for him. I messaged my husband. His response was, “I can’t right now. Do it tomorrow.” I couldn’t believe it. He’d rather play video games than feed his grandfather. I asked my client if I could run quick to get my grandpa-in-law his supper. He said, yes, as long as I bring him some bananas back. Deal! Gramps was happy. Client is happy. Me? Livid.

Source: Reddit

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