Woman ignores her brother’s wishes and tells nieces the tragic truth about their mom.

The most genuine and unselfish love is that of a mother. This bond is formed spontaneously from birth and persists throughout one’s life. Throughout our lives, our mothers are the finest teachers and guides. That is why the death of a mother is irreversible. A child must know if he/she has lost a parent to mourn and expect the reality with family and loved ones being around them. Here is a similar story where after 2 years the children’s aunt decided to tell them the truth about their mother’s death. Read the whole story and let us know if you agree with her decision?

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About 2 years ago my SIL 27 became extremely ill & passed within a few months of her diagnosis.

Prior to her passing, I 22 F flew out to go help her & my brother 29 with their daughters now 6 & 8 so they didn’t have to worry about the kiddos. During that time they became attached to me.

Her passing was difficult for all of us, especially knowing how wonderful of a mother she was to the girls. It’s been 2 years and it’s still hard for my brother to process it. My brother said he didn’t want to tell his daughters & I could tell seeing them broke him because they would often ask how their mom was doing… so I suggested having the girls move in with me & my fiance until he was in a better place. We suggested going to therapy but he wasn’t open to it at all.

When my nieces moved in, the whole family stepped up, my parents, siblings & even fiancés side to make sure the girls were good.

For the last two years he has been isolating himself, moved away (an hour drive from us) doesn’t go to therapy & burying himself in work. He visits the girls once every 2 months or so & spoils them with gifts but other than that he doesn’t support financially (we’re in a good financial position so it’s fine, we haven’t asked for it)

Thing is my niece often asks how their mom is and when she’ll be out of the hospital.. they want to go see her & we feel awful, them not knowing, I mean it’s been 2 whole years. I asked my brother a few months ago & he wasn’t ready yet. Considering he isn’t doing anything to get help & that I am now their full time guardian , I figured the healthiest thing to do was to tell them sooner than later. Before telling them, we got their teachers involved, got them therapist & told them (it was probably the hardest thing I had to do in a long time). They are also doing a program for grieving children ( this has been very helpful because they have friends who they can relate to & a lot of support) It’s been a month & My nieces are handling it way better than we thought but my brother isn’t. He thought it wasn’t our place to tell them & that I ruined their happiness and now that they knew their mom was dead they’d never be the same. His friends say we are major AH for doing it without his permission. Am I Wrong ?

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