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Сlinging to Life, a Boy, 10, Chants ‘Jesus Will Save Me’ after Shark Attack in Florida

Many youngsters develop a love of the ocean as they grow up. They like swimming and discovering the deep depths, but their travels are not always successful.

Parents do their utmost to keep their children safe from potential harm, but they cannot always avoid injuries. One ten-year-old child was thrust into a horrific circumstance, but his unwavering faith and fortitude astounded all.

Jameson Reeder Jr. enjoyed being in the ocean and can’t wait to go snorkeling with his family in August 2022. When things abruptly changed, the group was having a wonderful time and building memories.

A tragic tragedy happened in a matter of seconds, requiring Jameson Jr.’s father to act immediately. No mother or father wishes to hear their child’s blood-curdling screams and sobs, but Jameson Sr. did.

The father realized he had to be cool and bring his family to safety. He assisted his other children, Noah, Nehemiah, and Eliana, in boarding the boat.

The courageous father then urged Jameson Jr. to clutch to a pool noodle as they approached him. Jameson Sr. dove into the sea to save his wounded kid.

A sea creature had attacked Jameson Jr., and the mother thinks it was an eight-foot Bullshark—everyone was terrified and concerned for the child’s welfare.

Fortunately, the family noticed another boat nearby and requested aid. The nice strangers had a speedier boat, and a nurse onboard could immediately care for the child.

Within an hour, Jameson Jr. and his mother, Mary, were flown to a neighboring hospital. While the horrific incident astonished all, it was the small boy’s demeanor that truly astounded spectators.

While the horrific incident astonished all, it was the small boy’s demeanor that truly astounded spectators.

Throughout the experience, Jameson Jr. repeated a keyword, and his family thought it was his faith that kept him going. “Jesus will save me, Jesus will save me,” Jameson Jr. never stopped repeating.

Joshua Reeder, the boy’s uncle, also related a memorable experience that happened when he was on the phone with his brother, Jameson Sr. Joshua revealed, ‘on the phone, Jameson [Sr.] reported seeing the chopper lift his kid and wife. As I heard him say this, I heard his other children chanting, ‘Jesus loves me, I know it since the Bible says it.’

James Miller, a family friend, described the tense and nervous environment at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital as the family awaited word regarding their darling kid. He stated that he’s lucky to be alive. Shark bites are common, although they are extremely rare.

The small kid required surgery, and there were few viable choices. Nevertheless, the family was thankful Jameson Jr.’s life had been saved and that they were not planning a funeral. Joshua remembered that doctors had to remove/amputate from just below the knee to preserve his life because it was no longer operable due to the shark’s destruction. They said the shark made the choice for him.

While many other children would have battled to grin after such a traumatic experience, Jameson Jr. was special. His contagious optimism never wavered, and he inspired all those around him.

Life would never be the same again, and he required another operation, but Jameson Jr. had optimism for the future due to his trust in God. Joshua acknowledged his family’s pride in the kid, saying  that  Jameson Jr., the great little guy that he is, is already establishing objectives for himself. While there is astonishment and sadness in his eyes, there is also a brilliant spark of optimism beaming through.

Joshua’s family went from Hawaii to Florida to be with the child. He indicated that the parents of the small child were doing well under the situation and were certain that their son’s life had been miraculously preserved. The uncle continued that the more they talk about it and learn about the details of how all this happened, the more and more clear it looks like a miracle that he is still alive and among them now.

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Posted by Joshua Reeder on Sunday, 14 August 2022

Jameson Jr.’s medical expenses were covered via a GiveSendGo fundraising website set up by family and friends. The Reeders were full-time ministers and grateful for any contributions. More than $62,000 has been raised by mid-August 2022.

According to one posting on the fundraising page that they are asking for prayers as well as any more financial assistance to help this family heal physically and psychologically. They do know that Jameson Jr.’s bold trust in God carried him.

The website contained a list of current and forthcoming events. Doctors were still assessing the optimal pain management strategy for Jameson Jr. and believed he would be able to start physical therapy soon. On the family’s GiveSendGo website, an entry continued: “Please continue to pray for Jameson [Sr.] and Mary’s heart and mental strength. Finally, please continue to pray for Jameson Jr. as he begins his physical therapy journey.”

The amount of love from friends, family, and strangers overwhelmed the Reeder family. Many nice and loving people gave their help, thoughts, and prayers.

Jameson Jr. is a wonderful child, and his story of survival will definitely inspire many others. The path to recovery is far from done, and we express our warmest thoughts and prayers to the courageous boy and his family at this difficult time.

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