Тhe ultimate sacrifice: 17-yr-old mom dies after giving birth to a baby she saved by refusing chemo.

Jennifer Lake was a 16-year-old student at Pocatello High School in Idaho when she began having acute headaches out of nowhere. She had a feeling something was awry and chose to go to the family doctor for a battery of tests.

Jennifer found out she had a brain tumor when her doctor ordered an MRI on her head. It was the most heartbreaking news a teenager could get. She thought her life was ahead of her and hoped it would be joyful and carefree, but unfortunately, she was fighting a terrible cancer.

Doctors first told her and her family that the growth was around two centimeters broad, but after a series of subsequent tests and scans, it was discovered that the situation was far worse and the tumor was significantly larger. Unfortunately, the cancer spread to other areas of her body.

Jennifer was warned that even if she chose to take chemotherapy, her odds of survival were minimal. She was also advised that if she survived, the treatments would render her infertile, and she would never be able to have children.

Jenni just flat out asked them if she was going to die, her father, Mike Lake, a truck driver from Rexburg, north of Pocatello, said.

They were told she couldn’t become pregnant, so they didn’t worry about it, her 19-year-old boyfriend Nathan said.

But, something unexpected occurred, and the couple discovered they were expecting a child. It changed everything for Jennifer, whose greatest dream was to become a mother one day.

Yet it implied she had to make a difficult choice. Either her child’s or her own life was at risk. If she opted to carry on with the pregnancy, she would have to discontinue the treatment.

This brave young girl chose to follow her heart and deliver the baby, despite the fact that it placed her life in danger.

Chad Michael was brought into the world nine months later.

Diana Phillips, Jennifer’s mother, described her grandchild’s delivery and how her daughter grasped the midwife’s hand and murmured, “I’m done, I did what I was supposed to. My baby is going to get here safe!”

Jennifer was discharged from the hospital only six days after giving birth. Unfortunately, she only had six days with her bundle of joy in the comfort of her own home. Chad was in her arms the moment she died.

Jennifer was overjoyed since she got to give birth and kiss her kid. She made the greatest sacrifice for her kids, demonstrating what moms are capable of.

Jennifer’s family is making sure Chad understands all his mother accomplished for him and how much she loved him years after her death. Since 2011, when she departed this earth, her tale has touched many people’s hearts.

People continue to pay respect to Jennifer’s sacrifice on a Facebook page devoted to her life and journey.

This tale moved me to my core. Please spread the word in order to preserve Jennifer’s legacy.

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