100 and 102-year-old couple falls in love in nursing home and ties the knot – send your congratulations!

A pair meets, falls head over heels in love, and just months later they’re married in the courthouse. It’s a similar narrative, but this time it’s not about a young starry-eyed couple. Instead, it’s two older citizens, each above the age of 100.

Both John and Phyllis Cook live in the Kingston Residence, a senior care home in Sylvania, Ohio. They met each other and created a close bond despite the fact that their flats were only a floor away.

Phyllis, who will turn 103 this summer expressed that they fell in love. She realise it seems a little far-fetched for someone their age, but they fell in love with each other. Phyllis, on the other hand, was more forthright: Phyllis explained that he’s not sexually dead, and neither is she. She  just don’t agree in jumping in bed as a Christian unless you’re married.

So John decided to make her an honest lady, and they went to the courthouse to get a marriage licence. They had no idea they’d be leaving the courtroom as husband and wife. John stated that it wasn’t planned, but when they arrived, officials said they could marry them here.

He apparently couldn’t wait to get married and responded, ‘fine, let’s get it over with.’

The couple can anticipate many happy years together. Phyllis’ mother lived to reach 106, so they may have some great genes working for them considering their age.

It’s a narrative that demonstrates that you’re never too old for a new relationship or a fresh start. Having said that, the pair understands the value of possessing your own space, and Phyllis says they’ll both maintain their own apartment. What’s the point of rushing?

Wishing the pair a long and happy marriage! Share their touching tale!

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