103-year-old woman who was born in 1919 celebrates her birthday with a ballroom dance party.

Age, they say, is only a number.

Growing old is a natural part of life, and the great majority of us are forced to realize that certain things will have to be left behind as we age. Things that place a physical burden on our bodies are frequently included. For example… dancing.

Mary Capasso of Woodbury, New Jersey, bucked such expectations lately when she marked her 103rd birthday with a dinner party and a ballroom dance party.

She was born in 1919, Mary stated. She feel fine, just like any other day.

Susan Sacks, Community Life Director at Watermark’s Woodbury Mews, where Mary lives, said she and the team there desired to make the event particularly memorable by hosting the dance.

Sacks explained as it was her passion. This was the first year they were able to pull it off; to surprise her.

Dancers danced in Mary’s honor as part of the festivities. His spouse and she both liked dancing, Mary stated.

According to stories, Mary met her late husband, Carl, in high school. They wedded in 1941, just before he was called up for military service in WWII.

They’d only been wedded a few months when he got recruited, Mary explained.

She went on to say that she and Carl began dancing when their son Carl Jr. departed for college. It wasn’t simple. They practiced a lot, she added. They were fantastic dancers.

Mary had another spin on the floor as a special treat to celebrate her 103rd birthday. There aren’t many people over the age of 100 who have preserved the required movement to enjoy a dance floor, yet Mary was overjoyed to have the chance.

She is still very lively at 103, Susan Sacks noted. She’s a great woman.

Truly, what an inspiration she is. If I live to be 103, I wish I can still get up and dance.

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