12 Waitresses Decide Not To Show Up For Work After Boss Promotes “Son Of A Friend” Without Any Experience Over Them.

Gender inequality has been a problem in our culture for many years. Despite the availability of hoverboards and jet packs, women are still generally seen as less valued than males in the work environment. Gender inequities have traditionally prohibited powerful women and disadvantaged groups from climbing the success ladder, gaining equal education, and achieving employment equity. 

Source: Reddit

I work in a restaurant where the entire staff is women. The owner is a man, the general manager is a man but the staff is all women. When we needed an assistant manager instead of hiring one of us he brought in his friend (a man) who had no restaurant experience to be our assistant manager. He didn’t even work as a waiter, he went straight to being assistant manager.

This guy has now left and we asked both the boss and manager to promote from within and give the job to anyone of us, we have the experience, are ready for the position, some of us have been working here for years, we know everything there’s to know. They said they’d think about it and days after they hired another man, the son of a friend who had no restaurant experience at all. After 5 weeks at work they’ve promoted him to manager (our GM is going to open a new branch). Also not promoting any of us to assistant manager because we’ve “proved you can work well without an AM”.

But you see, it’s not sexism. It’s just that even though most of us have been working there for years, this guy with no experience after 5 weeks was more ready than any of us to be our manager. Straight from waiter to manager in 5 weeks. But don’t say it’s sexism, come on! It’s just that he was “the most qualified person for the job”. Suuure….

Next week will be busy because of some local events taking place in town. We haven’t said a word but all 12 of us have decided not to show up for work. I’m already doing interviews in other places. What are your opinions? Are we overreacting? Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted:

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