12-year-old autistic girl, lured to park and badly beaten as children filmed attack

A 12-year-old autistic schoolgirl was led to a park and beaten senseless that left in a two-day hospitalization. Abbie Jarvis, 12, had planned to meet a classmate at a park on Tuesday.

When the teen arrived, she was reportedly attacked by another female as a group of ten teenagers videotaped the attack on their phones. Abbie was hit multiple times in the face and knocked to the ground.

The claimed assault proceeded with repeated kicks to the head. Angela, Abbie’s mother, received a phone call from her daughter and heard a girl yelling her name in the background before the conversation was cut off.

The mother of four ran out to rescue Abbie, only to come home to discover her fading in and out of consciousness in the back of another parent’s car.

Abbie’s friend’s mother had driven her home, and when Angela arrived, she told her it wasn’t good, Angela explained. She went to the rear of her car and found Abbie unconscious.

She was soaked with blood and drifted in and out of consciousness. She was unable to talk.

She had a lump on her head that her mom still can’t believe was genuine since it was so large. She appeared to be entirely disfigured.”

Angela took her daughter to the hospital, where she was admitted and detained for two days. The teenager suffered a major cut to her head that had to be stitched up, as well as excruciating bruises throughout her skull and face.

Angela continued that she went into survival mode when she arrived at the hospital. The doctor took her away and said they needed to see if her skull was cracked.

Abbie’s face was splattered with bruises. Her mom couldn’t even touch her since she was in excruciating pain.

It was terrifying to witness, and it nearly shattered her. Even now, she can’t bear the thought of her laying there during the pounding, waiting for it to end.

Abbie has been struggling at school for some months owing to social anxiety. After working with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) to regain her confidence, she transferred to a new school in June, where she made new friends.

Angela reports that her frightened kid has fully relapsed and is now afraid to leave the house. She continued, saying she has frequent dreams about this girl pursuing her. She is reluctant to leave the house.

This has absolutely traumatized her. There are spells where she struggles to pronounce her words correctly and slurs them a lot.

The mom is attempting to arrange for her to have counseling. Abbie has a wonderful attitude, and she is a really devoted buddy. She is not sure why this occurred to her.

A 13-year-old girl has been detained and charged after the reported serious attack of a 12-year-old girl in Southdeen Avenue near Southdeen Park, Drumchapel, Glasgow, on Tuesday, October 4, a Police Scotland spokeswoman said. She was freed on the condition that she appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court at a later date.

A report will be presented for review to the Procurator Fiscal and the Scottish Children’s Reporters Administration.

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