12-year-old rape victim killed herself ‘after police discouraged her from pressing charges’

A shattered family has claimed that their 12 year old, who was sexually assaulted, killed herself after police came to her home and disheartened her from pressing charges. As per the family, the victim was made to feel like she was a trouble.

Semina Halliwell from Southport, was supposedly molested by an older boy after being groomed over Snapchat before her death. Semina, a schoolgirl, who had autism, broke down when apprising her mother Rachel of the terrible ordeal following a self-harm instance. However, family members have claimed that she was stated by detectives that she would not want this thing hanging over her head as the case wouldn’t go to court for 18 months to two years.

The family said that Semina was made to feel like she was a problem to Merseyside Police and no charges were brought against the suspected offender, whom she had named.

Semina’s mother and aunt said that the chief detective investigating her accusations instead sat there and started talking about all the forms he’d have to fill in if she made the complaint and the length of time it would take him.

The detective is also said to have told the family that it would be ‘your word against his’, with families later telling that the force did not notify her school of the alleged instance regardless of promises that protection would be put in place. Instead, the family say that Semina was forced to stay at home in order to stop coming into contact with the alleged offender. 

Semina already found it problematic to express herself to unfamiliar person and was then subjected to cruel online and offline abuse and ferocious assaults after reporting the incident. Her family believe these offences were carried out by contacts of the alleged suspect and claim Merseyside Police again unsuccessful to fully examine the charges.

Semina’s mother said the family received intimidations that they were ‘going to get their heads kicked in’ if they come close to police, with Semina later videoed while being assaulted at school.

But the family again claimed officers did nothing to probe the assaults because going around might make it kick off again. Two girls were accused for assault, while Semina’s mother was imprisoned of an offence after her daughter named the alleged offender.

In a later meeting with police in the family home, three months after the initial allegations were raised, Semina said that she had had enough of this and went upstairs. Her mother took that to mean she was fed up of dealing with the officers and the absence of headway being made in investigating her allegations.

But Semina actually went upstairs to take her own life by lethal overdose. Paramedics rushed to the sight after the family discovered hollow medicine packets and Semina was taken to hospital. She was placed into an induced coma but suffered multiple organ failure and pass away. 

Semina’s mother said that it was horrific to watch her daughter pass away. She said that everybody who is paid to safeguard her let her down and not even one of them told her she was worth their time.

Semina’s aunt Clare also remembered the medical team weeping around the schoolgirl as they tried to save her life. Following her death, they underwent further suffering when a video emerged on social media offering £10,000 to ‘trash’ Semina’s grave. And footage of her being bullied at school was also directed at the family around the time of her funeral. It included modified pictures of Semina ‘lying in a coffin’ sent from bogus accounts, but the family say police did not effectively investigated further allegations of harassment.

Rachel named Merseyside Police as completely disgusting and credited her death to the force, along with the culprit, his family and social services.

Semina’s phone, which the family claim is a important part of the examination, is still in ownership of the police. The family have asked that it be returned as it contains pictures of Semina not available somewhere else.

A representative for Merseyside Police said an investigation is currently being considered and it would not be suitable to comment on the allegations until the investigation process is complete.

Snapchat said it is unable to confirm if the app received requests for information from detectives for Semina’s case. They said through a statement that this situation is upsetting and their thoughts are with the family at this hard time. They added that nothing is more vital than the safety and security of the community. They firmly disallow mistreatment, harassment and other types of unwanted contact.

They said that their global law implementation operations team supports police research and they have the facility to preserve and provide content to the authorities when they receive requests for support. They concluded that an investigation will be held in due course. 

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