13-year-old valedictorian still fighting for his life days after being shot 7 times by his friend

A 13-year-old kid is still struggling for his life, 11 days after being shot by another adolescent he thought was his buddy.

According to frightening accounts, Curtis Jackson was riding his bike on Cleveland’s west side when he was attacked and shot seven times by another child.

Curtis, who had just graduated valedictorian from middle school, was set to begin high school at St. Edward’s in Cleveland the following week.

But now he is battling for his life. His family says his condition is improving, although he has a long way to go.

For this to occur to him in this manner, it’s cold-blooded, it’s cold, said the 13-year-father, old’s Curtis Jackson.

“You know what it’s like to be shot seven times and then kicked.”

Curtis Sr. explained that his kid has already had five operations. He has been receiving care at MetroHealth since the incident 11 days ago.

Curtis Sr. expressed that he murmured in his ear every night, like it’s only him and he. The father can’t allow his son out of his sight any longer, it’s just him and his son. Things occur. Life comes at you fast, but this one truly struck home.

Curtis was thrown off his bike and shot four times in the chest and twice in the arm, as per his father. Another gunshot grazed his skull, and his assailant – apparently a 15-year-old whom Curtis regarded as a friend – kicked him in the head before fleeing.

It’s been a horror, said Curtis Sr.

Curtis Jr. is an honor student who enjoys football and basketball. His dad voiced his dissatisfaction with the worrisome tendency of youth gun violence.

Things are getting nasty around here, Curtis Sr. observed. It’s simply gun violence, and it’s growing younger and younger. His son is 13 years old and celebrates his birthday on Saturday.

According to reports, the 15-year-old gunman, who has not been identified, surrendered to authorities following the incident.

Its unbelieve that this can occur in the present world. What is the matter with today’s youth?

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