15-YO Says She Feels Like A “Peasant” After Her Mum Cut Monthly Allowance From $5,000 to $1,000 | “Mum Just Doesn’t Get It”

Kids are frequently given pocket money for assisting with home tasks or activities of some type. While some spend it on their favourite confectionery, others save it to purchase a freshly launched game or device. However, one adolescent who was accustomed to consistent pocket money was devastated and enraged when her mother chose to reduce her monthly allowance.

15-year-old Nicolette described herself as a “peasant” when her mother cut her monthly stipend from $5,000 to $1,000. The Beverly Hills resident, whom she described as a spoilt child, came on Dr. Phil to persuade her mother, Nina, to boost her allowance. The adolescent expressed on the episode that after having her allowance reduced she feels like a pauper. She can’t go on living like this. She is constantly broke. If you ask her, her mother should give her $2,500 a month merely to meet her basic costs. She requires money to purchase clothes and shoes, and her mother just doesn’t grasp it.

The young girl who came on the show with her mom said to Dr. Phil that she was nurtured with everything from a chauffeur to personal trainers and desired to continue her luxurious lifestyle. Nicolette explained that her mother has provided her with everything she has ever desired, and she must continue. It’s the only life she has ever known. While the adolescent continued to protest and express her desire for a lavish lifestyle, her mom Nina refused to acknowledge her requests.

Nina, a single working mom, told the talk show host that she showered her kid with money because she felt bad for not spending more time with her. She gave her kid credit cards with no limitations at a young age and quickly discovered she was out of control.

Nina started to enforce some limitations after noticing that the young girl went on a shopping binge that sometimes exceeded $10,000 per month. The single mother told the show that she’ll burn through £1,000 a week and tell her she needs more. Nina was not about to give in even if the young adolescent attempted to make her mom’s life horrible. The child explained that when her mother doesn’t give her more money, she will make her life a living hell.

The mother admitted tearfully that she thinks she made her that way. She also confessed to the presenter that she had no clue how to discipline her “extravagant, spoilt, and bratty” daughter. The daughter replied that her mom nurtured her, she should have done better.

The presenter of the Talk programme, on the other hand, stated that the girl did not require an increase and even recommended her mom to give her less money and more affection. “Overindulgence is a sort of child abuse,” the presenter cautioned.

He went on to say that the young lady should acquire a job. Nicolette, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with everything. She was emphatic, claiming that she couldn’t survive on that much and was opposed to getting a job.

"We’re talking about me here; this is my show," 15-year-old says to Dr. Phil.

"We’re talking about me here; this is my show," 15-year-old says to Dr. Phil. Full story:

Posted by Dr. Phil on Tuesday, 1 May 2018

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