16-year-old girl lying in coma after car crash on her way to school’s Homecoming Parade

Zoe Moody was a likable adolescent with a large circle of friends. Everybody she encountered was treated with kindness and patience by the adolescent. Zoe’s friend Natalie Friedl described her as constantly smiling and saying nice things about individuals. Making certain that she embodied the “Be Kind to All Kinds” message she displayed in a message draped from her car’s rear view mirror.

The larger-than-life adolescent had a lot to be enthusiastic about and look forward to in life. She was looking forward to seeing a homecoming parade in her hometown of Cypress, Texas.

The adolescent was meant to ride a float in the parade, but the occasion never arrived. Her car was engaged in a near-fatal collision, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities suspect she attempted to exit the freeway when she encountered difficulties.

The collision was severe, but Zoe hung on. She was transported to the hospital, where doctors determined that putting her in a medically induced coma would be the best option for her. The most important thing is that she is still alive. The mishap had the potential to be deadly. Zoe is going to battle this, said her aunt, Shayla Ivey Northcutt.

The medical expenditures for her treatment were stacking up, and given that she would need a lot more care before she recovered, they were only going to become worse. This is when her friends created a GoFundMe page to assist gather cash for her family’s bills. Almost half of the $100,000 goal has already been met.

Her community has rallied around her family in hopes of a miracle and Zoe’s full recovery. Over a hundred kids came to keep a vigil and pray for Zoe’s healing. Her vigil attendees remarked on how tenacious their buddy was and how they felt she would survive.

She will need all of the love and prayers to get through this. Her aunt believes she will get through this with enough encouragement, prayers, and love, her aunt wrote.

They are asking everyone to pray for young Zoe’s healing.

Trinity Moody, Zoe’s sister, expressed gratitude for everybody’s support for her sister, saying, She’s the best. Please remember her in one’s prayers and just be there.

Zoe was nominated for homecoming princess, and everyone is pulling for her to recuperate and return to her normal carefree self.

Maybe, Zoe will wake up from her coma soon. We are offering our heartfelt condolences to her family and friends at this difficult time.

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