17-yr-old’s remains found 3 years after he went missing during deadly California mudslide

The remains of Jack Cantin, a 17-year-old who went missing in a California mudslide, have been discovered.

Kim Cantin, the teen’s mother, relayed the heartbreaking news with local news outlets.

The enormous mudslide happened on January 9, as a result of excessive rain in Montecito, California. T he downpour caused a massive mud and debris flow that demolished more than 100 homes, including the Cantin’s, and killed almost two dozen people.

While all of those murdered in the mudslide, including Jack’s father, have been discovered, Jack and a 2-year-old boy remain unaccounted for.

Nobody, though, gave up hope.

All her mom fibers in her body say he didn’t go to the water, she explained.

Her husband’s bones were discovered on the beach immediately after the sad occurrence, and her son’s remains were discovered near the family’s former house in May.

Dr. Danielle Kurin, an anthropologist at UC Santa Barbara, indicated in a study that she is “almost 90% positive that these bones are those of Jack Cantin.”

Kim praised the community for bringing Jack home after many, many hours of searching over the years.

It was the affection of all the folks who assisted along the journey, she explained. The beautiful thing is that she will have Jack buried with respect next to his dad in the cemetery so that she may have closure. Her family can find solace. Friends of Jack can find closure. And the community may find peace.

It’s a melancholy finale, but the Cantin family and their pals can finally go on.

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