2-year-old “loving” kid who died after accidentally hanging himself on a cord.

Nothing makes us happier as parents than seeing our kids grow up joyful and, most essential, safe.

Unfortunately, having a sense of curiosity is part of growing up, and that interest occasionally leads to youngsters playing with things they shouldn’t be or ending themselves in harmful circumstances. As a result of this, some kids will be injured or, in the most terrible situations, killed.

We can’t shield our kids from every aspect of the world, as this terrible incident demonstrates.

A two-year-old kid from Cornwall, UK, died after inadvertently hanging himself with a window blind rope.

Cobie Grimshaw, a toddler, was playing on April 4 when he became caught on a beaded rope hanging below the window close to his family’s sofa, according to an inquest.

Lauren Grimshaw, 26, found her newborn son minutes later, however the harm had already been done: Cobie had suffered a catastrophic brain injury due to a lack of oxygen. On April 7, he died three days later.

She would want to say that he was a joyful loving young child who was adored by many, Lauren stated following her son’s death inquiry.

At Southwest Inflatable Theme Parks, he was the big boss, and all reported to him.

He had just started nursery and was making a lot of new pals. He was her only kid, and he made every day better.

Lauren described how she arrived into the room and discovered Cobie standing straight on the sofa near the window, which resulted in her son’s death.

She recalled thinking he appeared sleepy, but when she came closer, she noticed the blind rope was wrapped around his neck, she added.

She instantly removed him from the cord by raising him and removing it from his neck while yelling for Mum and her partner Tom.

Cobie was taken from her by Mum. She was yelling for assistance. Mum placed him on the sofa and began CPR while she dialed 999 for an ambulance.

Cobie was airlifted to the hospital but was unable to be rescued.

She was told his brain was bloated and he wouldn’t make it, Lauren explained.

He was maintained on a ventilator until April 7th, when he died.

She is heartbroken at Cobie’s passing and mourns him every day.

Coroner Andrew Cox determined Cobie died from worldwide brain damage caused by asphyxiation.

Cobie was a typical fit and healthy two-year-old child, he explained. Into everything, evidently used to getting onto the sofa and trampolining on it.”

He’d been doing what two-year-old boys do this morning, but sadly, when climbing onto the back of the sofa, he’d been entangled in the wires that weren’t fastened to the wall, and he’d become accidently ensnared and strangled himself.

These kinds of stories hurt my heart. No one is to blame here, but a two-year-old kid with his entire life ahead of him has been taken from the world in such unnecessary situations.

I can only imagine the sorrow and heartache Lauren and her family must be through. Cobie, rest in peace.

Wrap your loving arms around Cobie’s loved ones and keep them safe during this trying time.

Cobie, rest in peace baby!

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