2 Yr Old Boy Cried For His Mother When Visited Her In Jail.

Story by Shay Walters

This is my son. At about a year old I overdosed with him in my bed. Well, it was just a mattress on my living room floor. At 2 he had to come visit me in jail. He beat against the glass screaming and crying for his mommy. He started biting his nails after that. At 3 he witnessed me get hit in the head with a brick, and my head split open. He rode with me in the ambulance. It scared him really bad.

At 4 he was in a car wreck with me, one of my many DUIS. At 5 my mother had to raise him most of the time. I barely even came home. At 6 I lost full custody, and I went to prison.

He is 12 today. He lives with me. He attends a private Christian school. He is on the honor roll. He gets prayed with every night and his mommy is there to wake him up for school every morning.

I celebrate all of his accomplishments with him, and he celebrates every sober birthday with me. I tell him how much I love him everyday. He’s so kind to the broken because we were once broken. He’s truly so special.

Thank you God for allowing me to be a mother to this sweet boy every day. It’s the sweetest gift of my sobriety. 

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