2-yr-old girl from Florida finally has ‘Batman’ birthmark removed after pioneering surgery.

Luna Tavares-Fenne, from Florida, is similar to any other three-year-old in many aspects. She’s a cheerful young lady who enjoys laughing, eating, and jumping about.

Luna was born with an extremely unusual skin disorder known as congenital melanocytic nevus, which has obviously affected both her and her family.

Carol Fenner, Luna’s mother, was “shocked” when she gave birth to her daughter in 2019. She was startled and terrified when she noticed a black spot covering a huge chunk of her tiny girl’s face. Luna was born with a black mark covering the majority of her face, resembling a Batman mask.

It’s easy to see why Carol was taken aback. Within a few days, the parents’ joy at having a kid had changed into acute worry. She had no notion her daughter would be born differently; her previous ultrasound had shown nothing odd.

Furthermore, physicians didn’t know what the black patch was until four days after Luna was born. Luna was hospitalized for six days after birth, according to Fenner, while physicians did testing.

Luna’s experts decided after extensive investigation that the birthmark might represent a severe risk to Luna in the future. Because the danger of skin cancer was significant, physicians advised additional procedures.

Carol was desperate to get her daughter’s “Batman mask” off, but it would take at least six more procedures. Another big issue was that each procedure would cost roughly $40,000.

Luna’s distraught mother began looking for help anywhere she could. Certainly, it was a difficult moment for the family.

They went to a number of physicians. They went to Boston, Chicago, and New York in search of a better result, Carol explained.

Carol hoped to get the operation completed before Luna began school to prevent her daughter being bullied. Sadly, even as a child, Luna and her family had to deal with insults from strangers who couldn’t understand that she looked different.

Many parents in Carol’s circumstances would have chosen to remain anonymous and shun the public glare, however the courageous mom chose to share Luna’s story and raise awareness about her daughter’s sickness. She set up an Instagram page so visitors could get a glimpse into her family’s daily life.

As Luna’s tale gained international news, physicians all across the world learned about her. One such person was a well-known Russian doctor.

Dr. Pavel Borisovich Popov, a surgeon-oncologist, contacted Carol and volunteered to conduct a therapy that was not accessible in the United States.

However, the treatment, known as photodynamic therapy, was too expensive, so the family turned to the public for assistance. Luna’s family organized a campaign to cover the costs, raising $70,000 from individuals who wished to aid the young child.

Carol and Luna have been coming to Russia for the previous few years to do tests and begin her therapy. Despite the epidemic, the family has been able to travel to the Krasnodar clinic. Fortunately, all procedures to date have been successful.

Furthermore, Dr. Pavel Borisovich Popov is overjoyed with the outcome, believing that Luna’s chance of developing cancer has been significantly reduced.

They only had six procedures to remove the nevus and were successful in making it disappear, Dr. Popov explained and added that Luna has already started speaking and she says herself: ‘My black spot has gone. I am a princess.’

The major medical component of the assignment, according to Dr. Popov, has been finished. However, this does not indicate that Luna’s therapy may be discontinued entirely.

They are letting Luna recuperate from the treatment she has endured and then they will perform the cosmetic procedures. Later on, they hope to ensure that Luna does not develop any complexes when she reaches the age where she is worried about her appearance, Dr. Popov adds.

Obviously, the family is relieved that all is on the correct track. Luna has shown to be a strong little lady who has faced all therapies with a grin and incredible bravery.

Lunas’s two-year existence has been a struggle, yet she always has a grin for all she encounters.

Carol has no regrets about receiving the therapy here. Luna is unaffected by the agony. She dances a few hours after surgery, Carol expressed.

Today, the family is eager to show the world how Luna has changed. Luna appears to be extremely happy, and I believe everyone can agree that there is a significant difference… Congratulations to her determined mother and the excellent surgeons!

Looking at recent Luna photos, it’s reasonable to conclude that the outcomes are outstanding! I’m pleased she was able to get the treatment since people may be cruel.

Last year, the family travelled to Brazil to celebrate Christmas (Carol is an American citizen but was born in Brazil).

Luna visited family members in Brazil and recovered. Luna has not had therapy since the year 2022, according to her mother.

Let us all wish this little girl love, health, and joy!

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