2-yr-old starved to death after being left alone because of dad’s death – rest in peace.

When a kid is involved in a disaster, it is considerably more heartbreaking than it would have been otherwise.

A small kid and his father were killed in a horrible accident around nine months ago, which shocked many people. Investigators have already completed their inquiry on what caused their deaths.

David Conde Sr., 59, was discovered dead at his home in Geneva, New York, earlier this year on February 15. David Conde Jr., his 2-year-old son, was discovered in the flat with him.

The preliminary inquiry found no evidence of wounds or foul play in either death. The inquiry was continued, and the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office has finally determined the manner of death.

David Conde Sr. died as a result of complications from cardiovascular illness, while his 2-year-old son died as a result of malnutrition.

This has been a difficult one for those of them who have worked on it since the beginning, Sheriff’s Office Lt. Dave Cirencione told a news station. Once they ruled out carbon monoxide as a possible cause of death, they thought this was the most plausible. This is a heartbreaking scenario.

Officials discovered their dead after a welfare check was requested by concerned family members. Concerned family members claimed that Conde had not communicated with them in more than a week.

Conde, as per information, had no medical concerns and had not been diagnosed with anything.

This is a heartbreaking story that will crush your heart. A dad and his little son died in such awful circumstances that just thinking about it makes you sad.

We are extending our thoughts and prayers to the family struggling with this devastating loss, and we hope that they will be able to go on with their life. And we pray that the two souls who have passed on are at peace.

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