21-Month-Old Child Beats Stage 4 Cancer. She’s Been Fighting It Since She Was 4 Months Old.

Molly Hughes, just 21-months-old, is rejoicing after winning over stage 4 cancer. She had a really uneven start in life as soon after her birth, it was discovered that she had neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is a cancer that develops from immature nerve cells found in numerous areas of the body. Neuroblastoma usually affects children age 5 or younger, though it may seldom occur in older children.

Molly, from Bowling Green, Kentucky has been in hospice more than she has ever been at her own home.

Doctors identified her with this rare kind of cancer when she was a little over four months old. Unluckily, Molly’s cancer rapidly advanced to stage 4, requiring various rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

Molly was instantly brought to the hospital after the diagnosis, where she continued for fifteen months getting cancer treatment. Her mother Chelsea Hughes said that Molly would just bounce back after every treatment. Chelsea said that she would knock her down for few days and then she would be at playing again.

To backing Molly fight this terrible cancer, her family and friends created a hashtag, ‘#MollyStrong’. 

Molly incredibly survived stage 4 cancer after months and months of treatment. The doctors confirmed her cancer-free and the family was beyond delighted. Molly’s mother said that the prayers of her family and everybody on social media helped the child beat this deadly condition.

As per the reports, the mortality rate of this type of cancer is extremely high. The 5-year survival rate for children with high-risk neuroblastoma is approximately 50%. Abdominal soreness and pain, constipation, weakness, irritability, fevers, and anemia or bruising from low blood counts are all likely symptoms of this type of cancer.

Nevertheless, the little Molly Hughes has effectively conquered this condition. Her mother of late shared a post on Facebook marking 4 years since Molly’s Diagnosis. 

She wrote, “Every time I thought we were out of hope or when we lost our strength, I would remember what God told me on that first night. He gave us the strength to help our baby girl fight.”

She added praising the strength of her child and wrote that “Molly is a feisty, sassy, strong girl & such an inspiration to us all. Our girl is a fighter through & through!”

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