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3 yrs after his massive stroke, Randy Travis returns to sing “Amazing Grace” like only he can.

At the Grand Ole Opry, the famous musician paid tribute to George Jones, who had just died. Blue and purple lights shone on him as he did this.

Travis was accompanied by friends and colleagues, including Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, and Travis Tritt.

Travis’s wife, Mary, has publicly revealed her husband’s traumatic stroke and how supportive and dedicated fans have been throughout this tough time.

Randy Travis was transported to a Dallas hospital in July 2013 with viral cardiomyopathy problems. He had a stroke, had brain surgery, and was placed in a coma. Doctors indicated his prospects of life were slim; the country and gospel music legend had a one-to-two percent chance of surviving.

As a consequence, it was pointless to continue their attempts to save his life.

Mary Davis Travis, his wife, had the option of simply turning off the life-support system and letting her husband sleep. The physicians asked her the question directly. What did she wish to do?

She, on the other hand, elected to disregard all of the standard regulations. She chose to do something entirely unusual rather than following the standard and listening to physicians.

The experts may have given him a one-to-two percent chance of survival, but Mary believed her husband was a warrior. Turning off the respirators was just not an alternative for her.

She prayed that God would please let her have him back in any manner, shape, or form, Mary recounts.

Randy stayed in a coma, tangled in a mess of wires, but Mary never thought about turning off his machines, even though her husband was so thin he looked like a skeleton.

Then, one day, the miraculous happened. Randy awoke.

Randy has been wheelchair-bound since his stroke, but he is improving and can now walk short distances on his own. He has also taken up music, and he has a tremendous passion and connection for it.

He regained his ability to walk and was honoured into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016.

If the following performance is any indication, Travis, who is currently suffering from aphasia, has definitely been trying and praying to regain his previous level of skill.

Watch Travis’ performance and tell us what you think about his rehabilitation journey!

The fact that he did this after his stroke is incredible. Mr. Travis, you are a gifted individual! This still sends shivers up my spine. I can see and hear his pain, and I hope for his recovery.

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