37-Year-Old Guy Wrote A Nasty Message To This Woman So She Told His Mom.

It’s ok to disagree with someone else’s point of view. But it’s not ok to be rude or nasty when you disagree. Always remember to express your point of view in a gentle manner.

Kallie Plagge worked in the video game industry and harassment by men was a very common thing for her. Nevertheless, a recent argument crossed the limits that the writer went searching for allies. And found the harasser’s mother.

Kallie sent her a screenshot of the messages sent by her son and surprisingly she received a reply the very next morning. The mother was so nice and understanding that Kallie decided to celebrate their conversation by sharing it on her Twitter account. Her tweet has received more than 205k likes and people praised the way Kallie handled the scenario.

It began when Kallie reviewed a famous game called Days Gone by giving it a verdict of 5/10. Many did not agree with her. Based on ratings from GameSpot users, the average player was 8.4. Her article had received around 950 comments while she got more than two dozen personal Facebook messages and countless tweets from upset fans of the game.

It was clear for Kallie that the messages sent were nothing to do with the review but just an excuse for the men to talk sexist things to women. She expressed that she assumes there must be no women who haven’t experienced it like discouraging comments for the way they look or the way they speak.

Kallie decided not to reveal the identities of the harasser and the wonderful mother. She only wanted to celebrate this incident for spreading awareness about harassment.

Kallie feels there should be an end to the saying “Don’t feed trolls because they will come no matter what.” Instead she firmly believes not to lie down and be silent about the trolls since she wants people to remember that this is what they have to do to do their jobs.

Let us learn to understand and respect that each one is doing his/her job. Share this if you like the way she taught this man a lesson.

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