37-Yr-Old Man Accused Of Murdering Teen Girlfriend Gets ‘Prison Welcome’ From Inmates.

Zlatko Sikorsky, a 37-year-old Australian man, was detained and charged with the murder of his 16-year-old girlfriend, Larissa Beilby. Sikorsky was suspected of not only killing but also torturing the teen, prompting his fellow convicts to offer him the “warm welcome” to jail that he merited.

Sikorsky was accused of viciously beating Beilby to death on a farm in Buccan, south of Brisbane, then placing her damaged corpse in a barrel before dumping it in the back of a forsaken lorry in Stapylton. The teen’s father reported her missing, and her body was discovered the next day after Sikorsky reportedly murdered her.

According to prosecutors, Sikorsky reportedly battered the girl to the brink of death, then failed to transport her to the hospital, allowing her to die, according to evidence presented at the committal court. On the day Beilby was slain, witnesses reported hearing cries coming from Sikorsky’s automobile.

A witness at Sikorsky’s committal hearing characterized him as “threatening,” and claimed she warned him he shouldn’t contact the minor because of her age. Sikorsky was 20 years older than Beilby when she died.

The same witness testified at the hearing that she had “smoked ice” with both Sikorsky and Beilby previous to her death, and that the guy was “high 24-7.” It was also revealed that Sikorsky “always” carried a revolver and told pals that he kept narcotics and money in the barrel where Beilby’s body was eventually discovered.

Larissa Beilby died as a result of blunt force injuries to the head, neck, and limbs. She was supposedly bound and asphyxiated, although the cause of death could not be confirmed clearly owing to her body’s decomposition. Yet, a seasoned forensic pathologist testified in court that she had “never seen anything like” Beilby’s wounds.

Zlatko Sikorsky was scheduled to stand trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court at a later date on accusations of murder, torture, loss of liberty, and dealing with a body, but he never appeared in court. As per local sources, while awaiting trial for Beilby’s murder at Wolston Correctional Centre, Sikorsky was subjected to prison punishment at the hands of his fellow convicts, who beat him.

Sikorsky was transported to Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra hospital in severe condition following the jail beating, in which his skull was battered during an early-morning ambush by another prisoner. He, like his claimed victim, would not make it out alive.

The wounds to Zlatko Sikorsky’s skull proved deadly. Sikorsky was pronounced dead 10 days after being beaten behind jail, after spending many days in the hospital on life support. Some would refer to the conduct as “jail justice.” As situations like these frequently demonstrate, that isn’t simply a Hollywood plot. It’s a real-life phenomenon that can be witnessed all around the world.

When monsters prey on youngsters, it’s frequently their fellow convicts who ensure they pay the ultimate price, whether in Australia, as in this case, or in the United States, where similar occurrences have occurred. Similar incidents have emerged from Brazil and England, demonstrating that contempt for adults who victimize kids is a fairly universal sentiment.

You are the lowest of the low when even seasoned criminals are repulsed by your actions. As Robert Hood, a retired prison warden who oversaw a federal Supermax prison in Colorado, once stated, “the sex offender is at the bottom of the totem pole,” even among drug dealers, murderers, robbers, and worse.

This comprises 37-year-old drug users suspected of having romantic relationships with and murdering young, adolescent females. Certainly, these are the most wicked among us, which may explain why we all experience a sense of fulfillment when they suffer the punishment they deserve in the shape of good old-fashioned jail justice.

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