3Yr Old Cancer Survivor Gives The Best Gift Ever At Her Marrow Donor’s Wedding.

Little Skye McCormick was diagnosed with leukemia before her first birthday. And had it not been for a stranger donating bone marrow, Skye would have died. But because of that extremely kind and selfless act, Skye survived.

And that stranger who gave so willingly to save a little girl’s life is a stranger no more. That kind donor was 26-year-old Hayden Hatfield-Ryals. And she wanted Skye to do something very special for her. She wanted the little girl to be her flower girl during her upcoming wedding.

So Skye, now 3 years old, and her parents, Todd and Talia Savren-McCormick, traveled from their home in California to Alabama for the big event. It was the very first time Skye and Hayden had met.

Says Hayden: “I walked up to her and I just dropped to my knees and all I could do was smile.”

And the wedding was a beautiful moment for all of them. One of the bridesmaid said that as Skye was tossing her flowers, everyone was “ugly crying.”

Skye and Hayden now have a very special bond.

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