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4 Men Attack Pizza Delivery Guy, Fail To Recognize Him Until It’s Too Late

When four criminals in Illinois chose to attack the Beggars Pizza delivery guy, they had no clue who they were dealing with.

After ordering the food last minute, the four men intended to take the pizza and attack somebody they imagined would be a scrawny, young delivery man.

But luck was not in their favor on that particular day.

Because all of the normal drivers had already gone home, the store owner opted to serve the pizzas himself.

As they approached the door, three of the guys leapt out to assault the man, only to be met with the shock of their lives.

Instead of a little, adolescent delivery boy, they met Napoleon Harris, a 6-foot-3, 250-pound former NFL linebacker who is now a state lawmaker and company owner.

They had no chance against the guy. While they were unable to harm Harris, they did succeed in obtaining his wallet, albeit only for a short time.

While driving after them, Harris contacted the cops and pursued the offenders into a lumberyard, forcing them to escape on foot.

Police, on the other hand, were already on their way.

Officers were able to apprehend three of the suspects thanks to Harris’ assistance. They are presently on the lookout for the fourth suspect, who is said to be hiding in Indiana.

They haven’t filed charges yet, but they will, said police spokesperson Sean Howard.

However, it is not the end of the narrative.

It turns out that robbery was not the only crime these criminals may have committed. After the suspects fled and left their Chevy Tahoe alone, officers searched and discovered blood on the car.

The automobile was taken from Lester “Roy” Jones, who was discovered deceased in Georgia.

So Senator Harris, a former football player, may have assisted in the capture of murderers as well as thieves. Not bad for a single night on the job as a pizza “delivery man.”

However Harris is just relieved that the rest of his team is safe.

Harris believes he was more prepared to handle this scenario than they would have been, Howard added. They were anticipating a frail 5-foot-9 man but rather got Harris.

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