4-Year-Old Drives To Gas Station For Candy After Taking The Keys When No One Was Looking.

A cheeky four-year-old kid drove his extraordinary granddad’s SUV very nearly two miles to a petrol station since he wanted sweets.

Sebastian, the adorable toddler, took matters into his own hands when he got a need for Reese’s sweets.

According to the Blaine Police Department, the incident occurred around 8.30 a.m. when he snatched the keys to his great-Hyundai grandfather’s Sante Fe and drove approximately a mile and a half from his home to the Speedway petrol station in Blaine.

Despite the fact that he could hardly see over the wheel, he managed to back the SUV out of the driveway and into the main road. During morning rush hour, Sebastian managed to drive through residential streets before turning onto a major main route. When asked where he was headed, the curious child informed the reporters that he was going to the petrol station since he wanted to get Reese’s. 

According to witnesses, the SUV was driving erratically at speeds ranging from 10 to 15 miles per hour manoeuvring into the petrol station parking area.

After monitoring the car, authorities arrived to meet him, and no injuries were recorded. Several mailboxes were wrecked, and the truck clipped a tree on the way, breaking off a piece of the bumper into a neighbor’s grass.

The 4-year-old had utilized his great-grandfather’s walker to retrieve his keys from the wall hooks, then climbed into the car and drove away without anybody noticing.

The boy’s great-grandfather, Roy Becker expressed that he observes everything people do and he’ll mimic it. He continued that it might have been disastrous.  He may have collided with a vehicle and didn’t have a seatbelt on. The family would have  been discussing a funeral.

Jenna Swenson, his mother, said it took some time to find out where he had gone, and she felt ‘fear and worry’ when she found out what had occurred.

‘A bit of virtually all the emotions going on, trying to quantify what occurred,’ she told the television network.

Captain Mark Boerboom of the Blaine Police Department stated that he had never seen such a young driver operate a car previously.

The family stated that they want to keep the car keys locked up and to keep a closer eye on Sebastian in the future to avoid a repeat tragedy.

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