4-year-old Hero Jumps In Pool To Save His Little Sister From Drowning.

When Laura Forrester relocated her family into their new Knoxville, Tennessee, home, she made certain that the backyard pool was properly secured.

She explained that they constructed the safety fence, and the children knew never to go out there without an adult or a babysitter. They put beeps on the doors. They felt they had taken every measure.

Despite her great attempts, her 2-year-old daughter Andie was able to circumvent their security measures.

She slipped into the pool when her mother was looking away, struggling to remain afloat. Gray, her 4-year-old brother, was there to save her.

He jumped right in.

Gray Forrester, now 5, stated that  she was paddling like a dog. He grasped her stomach. He was trying to elevate her so she could breathe.

Andie stated that her brother was able to get her from the water. She explained, he saved her.

Their mother was taken aback. Forrester feels Andie’s survival was a miracle.

She explained that she thinks it’s a God thing for a 4-year-old to be able to react like that at that time. She believes God was with Andie and Gray that day. It’s the only explanation since it was so extraordinary.

Forrester claimed they moved into the house around the time Olympic skier Bode Miller and his wife Morgan lost their kid in a similar drowning event. It made her even more wary.

She stated that it weighed hard on her thoughts and her heart. They had drilled into their brains that they would never go out there without an adult.

Andie can now save herself if she falls again. Following the event, Forrester promptly registered daughter in swim lessons.

She expressed her hope that more parents may hear her tale and follow in her footsteps.

She expressed, if folks hear this tale and live near the water, the lake, a pool, or anything, try to sign up for swim class since it might still happen no matter what measures one takes. And she is hoping that it will save someone else’s life.

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