4-year-old Texas girl with leukemia loses both her parents 5 months apart.

Jessica Brill and Johnny Ray Servantes, Emerie Servantes’ parents from San Antonio, Texas, adored her. Her parents fell in love with her small hands and feet the moment she was born. They went out of their way to make Emerie feel at ease.

Brill and Johnny had believed that their daughter would follow in the footsteps of most infants, however destiny had different intentions. Shortly after their newborn girl became ill, the parents found something alarming.

Emerie was approximately two years old when she decided she didn’t want to eat. Brill observed her kid wasn’t eager to play with her toys and couldn’t even go from one room to the other. The concerned mother remembered that she had to take her kid to the hospital as she wasn’t moving. She would simply lie in bed.

When the physicians examined Emerie, they discovered she was anemic and recommended blood transfusions. When the small girl went to the hospital with the same symptoms, the physicians performed more tests on her, which discovered something unforeseen.

Emerie was diagnosed with leukemia on October 19, 2020. Brill and Johnny never imagined their newborn child would have to endure rounds of harsh chemotherapy sessions.

Each time Emerie met the physicians, she would plead to her mom, “Mommy, don’t let them hurt me.” Brill’s heart broke when she heard those words, yet she remained strong for her child.

Despite their divorce, Emerie’s parents came together throughout her chemotherapy treatment. They wished to see their daughter happy and prayed for her healing, not realizing that they would soon be forced to close their eyes forever.

Emerie gradually lost chunks of hair months after her chemotherapy began. Brill noticed a bundle of hair between her fingers whenever she brushed her fingers through Emerie’s hair. Emerie first assumed her mom was breaking her hair.

The tiny child soon acquired a bald area on her head. Brill and her sister, Isabel, shaved their heads to make Emerie feel better. She thought that was the only way to connect with her and let her understand she is just as lovely whether she had hair or without, Brill said.

Brill’s daughter was through cancer treatment, and her family and friends were there for her in every way. Some surrounded the tiny child with presents, while others provided financial assistance to Brill.

Brill had wanted to see her daughter’s condition improving, but a sad occurrence took her life before she could. Emerie lost her mother on March 27, 2022. Linda Servantes, Emerie’s grandma, revealed that she was slain on the South Side by a drunk motorist.

Emerie was traumatized by the loss of the individual who cared for her the most after she battled illness. She experienced separation anxiety and always desired her father’s presence. As a result, Johnny was unable to report to work.

Johnny’s mother set up a GoFundMe campaign to help him through this terrible period in his life. She set a target of $10,000 and earned more than $1,300 with 22 gifts. Linda stated that her son’s truck had broken down and he couldn’t afford to get it fixed. She continued, saying that he requires transportation to carry Emerie to her chemotherapy and medical appointments.

On a video chat, One At A Time Campaign Director Nick Ordonez spoke with Johnny and Emerie. Ordonez launched a fundraising effort on his website after knowing about their difficulties.

She appeared to be any other joyful young girl who just desired to have fun, stated Ordonez. He felt awful for the little girl, though, as she had been through so much at such a young age.

Johnny called Ordonez one day to inform him of his health status. He said that he couldn’t get out of bed for a few days and discovered something shocking while in the hospital. He spoke to Ordonez that he can hardly believe he is saying this, but he has cancer.

Rather than being concerned about himself, the loving dad could only focus on his infant child. He was afraid that no one would support Emerie after he died, so he asked Ordonez to continue soliciting money for her. The concerned parent did not want the fundraiser to come to an end after his death.

He also showed Linda how to care for Emerie and what therapies she needed. The dad appeared to be aware that he was nearing the end of his life. Johnny died on September 29, just three weeks after being diagnosed.

Losing both parents five months apart is something no kid should have to go through. Little Emerie was too little to comprehend the notion of life and death when she was confronted with this catastrophe.

When Linda asked Emerie where her parents were, she would respond, “With Jesus.” Linda would then tell her grandchild that Brill and Johnny were reunited in heaven.

Emerie’s saddened grandma often reminded her of how much her parents adored her. To help Emerie feel better, she would show her their photographs and tell her tales.

Nevertheless, Ordonez was grieved after learning of Johnny’s untimely death. He had talked to Johnny the day before he died. The One At A Time Campaign intended to send Emerie on her dream vacation to Disney World while also assisting the family with their expenditures.

The fundraiser effort had raised more than $7,700 as on October 18. In the comments area, others also offered emotional sentiments for Emerie and her family.

When asked Emerie what she desired for her fifth birthday, she said “Peppa Pig figurines.” Emerie’s birthday is coming up in December.

When Johnny was still living, he had arranged a celebration for his daughter. It was not just Emerie’s birthday, but it also commemorated her victory against cancer. After two years of therapy, she was cancer-free.

While Linda wishes Emerie’s parents had been present to celebrate her birthday, she was grateful that her son had learned everything before departing. She didn’t have to fight with caring for her granddaughter since her son had previously provided excellent guidance.

What Emerie experienced is something that no kid should have to go through. We pray the little one never has to go through another round of treatment and that her cancer never reappears.

We hope Brill and Johnny rest in peace, and that their daughter recalls her parents as heroes who took care of her when she required it the most.

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