42-Yr-Old Dad Of 3 Dies While Rescuing 2 Kids From Florida Rip Current.

Pete Rosengren, a Batavia, Illinois, dad of three, was a bold and compassionate man. That much is clear from the manner in which the 42-year-old died.

Pete noticed two toddlers battling in the water while on vacation with his family in Florida. The seas were choppy, and two red flags were flying to warn beachgoers that swimming was unsafe at the time. Nevertheless, Pete leapt into the sea in an effort to save the youngsters.

Pete’s very swift and altruistic response saved both of the youngsters. Unfortunately, he did not. There were youngsters that required help, Pete’s best buddy, Joe Shaker stated.

He jumped into the sea without fear and saved these youngsters. Sadly, he did not survive.

His pal went on to describe Pete’s personality. Joe described him as one in a million. Pete was the epitome of a best friend, constantly putting others ahead of himself.

He also mentioned Pete’s affection for his wife, who was his college sweetheart. She was his life’s love, and his three boys meant everything to him, he added. He was also an active coach. She’d say he enjoyed going to the baseball field with his sons.

Joe also referred to Pete as a hero for what he did. Others who knew him, as well as the families of those he helped, would very certainly concur.

Pete was the Daily Herald’s vice president of sales and digital strategy. Scott Stone, the president and chief operating officer, stated after learning of the rescue, Pete was always willing to help people. That was in his blood. Pete had a big personality, a quick wit, a sense of humor, and a special sympathy for people. It’s no shock that his last minute was devoted to assisting others.

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