49-Year-Old Mom Happily Shares How She Adopted A Child Recently But The Internet Starts Shaming Her.

A WOMAN, 49, realized a lifetime ambition by becoming a mother for the first time after spending more than £15,000 on adoption. Kris Monsour attempted for 10 years to conceive a kid and had two miscarriages before opting to adopt a newborn baby.

Kris, now 51, from Canal Winchester, Ohio, USA, didn’t allow her age to hinder the process of her desire and plans to adopt Ainsley, aged two, in March 2020. The executive insurance director explained that during her first marriage, she truly wanted children, but she miscarried at 38. Her ex-partner and she considered IVF and other options, but they never proceeded with the process since their marriage ended up splitting apart owing to its toxic nature. When she met her present husband, Clay, 47, she became pregnant immediately but lost the baby at three months.

A doctor basically told her that she should simply quit trying and that she would never be a mother because of her age. It was a massive stomach blow, but she was determined to concentrate on her work.

Kris’ yearning to become a mother lingered for seven years, and she frequently found herself hoping that there was still a possibility. When a distant relative texted Kris and Clay, an entrepreneur, one day in 2019, asking whether they were still keen on having children and if they would explore adoption.

Kris continued that they made the choice they were going to do it, and it totally felt right. They adopted as a kin ship from a family member who contacted them, however they don’t want to be identified. They were present at every stage of the pregnancy and birth. They were present for the ultrasound, and she even got to cut the cord at the hospital when she was delivered.

With Ainsley, they left the hospital, and they legally adopted her in March 2020. The procedure was time-consuming since there were several legal expenses and they had to pay social services to visit and do checks. As a result, the total adoption procedure cost roughly £15,300.

Kris’ little family has been swamped with love and support from her extended family and friends. Everyone in her extended family and close relatives has accepted Ainsley with open arms, and it’s wonderful that she’s surrounded by so much love. They hope that as she matures, they will be able to communicate to her in an age-appropriate manner that she has been adopted.

However, she has faced reaction on social media from trolls who claim she is too old to be a mother and that she will die before experiencing Ainsley’s most significant milestones.

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She published her experience on TikTok and had a lot of trolls come out of nowhere claiming she wasn’t fit to be a mother, that she was too old, that she was selfish.

She never viewed it as such, and she knows that no matter how young or old you are, a long life is never guaranteed. She is concerned that she won’t witness some of Ainsley’s accomplishments, yet they are taking things one day at a time and trying to live and grow in each moment.

Kris uses TikTok to share her maternity experiences and contributes all of her social media profits to a charity near to her heart called the Fairfield Foster Closet, which gives free clothing to foster and adoptive kids.

May this wonderful family be blessed always and may the child and parents bring joy, peace and love to each other.

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