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4th Grader Destroys Common Core, Brilliantly Points Out Flaw To School Board

Our children occasionally wow us with unusual wisdom that we can only ascribe to their remarkable manner of seeing the world. However, it is extremely remarkable to see a youngster exhibit such maturity and assertiveness when confronted with an unfair policy imposed by their authority. This is likely why Sydney Smoot, a student at Florida’s Brookville Elementary, has attracted national attention for the question she posed to her school board.

When Sydney approached the Hernando County School Board silently, she could barely reach the stage. When she opened her mouth, though, the entire auditorium went quiet in admiration of her eloquent statement, which was accompanied by a really brilliant question.

Sydney Smoot, speaking on behalf of her peers, highlighted the effect that Common Core-mandated state standardized testing is having on kids throughout the country. Then, just as forcefully as she had begun, little Syndey asked the school board a pointed question, pointing out one big problem in the stressful end-of-year assessments.

This simple yet apparent question gained the smart fourth grader not only a standing ovation from her adult audience, but also led the school board to sit motionless in amazement of her eloquent and unyielding presentation.

Sydney Smoot, on the other hand, did not just whine about the situation without proposing a viable remedy. Rather, she proposed dividing the time-consuming exam into three smaller assessments to determine how kids are doing during the year. Sydney concluded her poignant address with another question, one that aptly reminded the school board that, while the youngsters attend school to learn, they are still kids.

The revelation of a hidden contract that children must sign, banning them from discussing the exam with their parents, may have been the most shocking point of Sydney’s address.

In case anybody was wondering if Sydney Smoot was coached, the little girl told Upworthy that, while she credits her mom for her bravery, it was all her decision to discuss the problem at school.

Sydney Smoot is real proof that our kids are entitled to a better school system. This tiny girl exemplifies how, despite our country’s flaws, our kids are strong and carry bright optimism for our future.

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