4th Grader Who Survived Uvalde Shooting By Smearing Blood On Body Testifies On Gun Reform

Miah Cerrillo, a fourth-grade student from Uvalde, Texas, who survived the Robb Elementary School massacre, appeared before the US House Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday.

Miah narrowly escaped the shooting that murdered 21 individuals, including 19 pupils, by putting a classmate’s blood on herself and pretending dead next to her classmates’ lifeless bodies.

Dr. Roy Guerrero, the doctor who tended for Miah in the hospital and knew her her whole life, also spoke shortly before Miah. He described seeing children’s bodies torn apart by gunshots so brutally that they were beheaded.

“You are the doctors in this situation,” he added, asking lawmakers to make modifications that he, as a doctor, cannot.

The doctor also discussed the first time he visited Miah’s parents in the hospital. He dashed up to them to inform them that their child was still alive. Then there was Miah’s revelation. In a day filled with heartbreaking remarks, hers was probably the most moving.

Miah made an appearance through video testimony. Before narrating what transpired during the incident, the small girl identified herself. She mentioned attempting to escape before the gunman entered the room.

Student Miah Cerrillo describes witnessing the Uvalde gunman shooting her teacher

Student Miah Cerrillo says Uvalde gunman “told my teacher ‘goodnight’ and shot her in the head” during gut-wrenching video testimony about the massacre at House hearing on gun violence.

Posted by ABC News on Wednesday, 8 June 2022

She explained he said goodnight to her professor and then shot her in the head. She went on to detail how he continued to shoot individuals, along with several of her pals. She expected him to return to the room so she smeared blood all over herself. She explained how she utilised her pals’ blood to make her act dead.

Miah stated that she does not feel secure at school and thinks that school shootings will keep on happening. Miah’s dad arrived in person to speak after she presented her story.

Crying, the bereaved father stated that he was present since his little girl is no longer the same person as a result of what transpired. He explained he is here as he could have lost his kid. Something must alter.

Felix and Kimberly Rubio, whose daughter, Lexi, was killed in the Uvalde incident, followed Miah’s dad. They stated at present, they beg for progress. They want red flag regulations and firearms background checks. Kimberly also discussed how she feels her daughter would have made a difference in the world.

The United States is unique in its alarmingly high prevalence of mass shootings. Since January 1, 2009, there have been at least 288 school shootings in the United States. This figure is 57 times more than the total number of school shootings in the other G7 countries combined.

Weapons of war may be acquired in numerous places in the United Claims by just strolling into a store with an ID that asserts the person is 18 and nothing more.

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