5-Yr-Old Empties Piggy Bank, Makes Heartbreaking Confession — Grandma Is Forced To Act.

A little 5-year-old girl in Ishpeming, Michigan, did something very special when she found out one of her friends did not have enough money to buy milk at their school. Sunshine Oelfke broke into her piggy bank, put the money into a baggy, and took it to her school to pay for her friend’s milk.

When it was discovered that several other children at the school could not afford milk, Sunshine’s grandmother broke into her own piggy bank, donating the commissions she made from her job to take care of all of them.

Then Sunshine started a GoFundMe page to raise $700 to cover her classes’ milk cost for the entire semester. Now that’s one smart little girl, as she raised more than $7,000.

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