5-YO Girl & 1-YO Brother Were Alone At Home For 3 Days While Their Parents Lay Dead In Bed From Eating Poisoned Pickles.

Life is so unpredictable. Nobody knows when a tragedy can hit one’s life. Here in this story a parent’s worst fear of not waking up and leaving their children all alone came true.

In Russia a five year old girl and one year old boy were discovered alive in their homes after their parents Alexander, 30, and Viktoria Yakunin, 25, were suspected of dying from eating ‘poisoned pickles.’

When they missed a family gathering the relatives got a bit worried. Mrs Yakunin’s mother Galina Yasturbenko, 61, and her husband Viktor, 66, were worried when they were not able to reach the couple.

The deaths came to light when Alexander’s sister Natalia Bakulina, 36, called and the couple’s five year old daughter answered the phone where she mentioned they had been sleeping for a very long time and also said her dad had turned all black. She also added that she was taking care of her little brother.

Natalia immediately went to their home to find the couple lifeless in their bed. She fell down and screamed. Shattered and shocked, she quickly called the police and emergency services then dressed the children and took them out of the flat in Bolshoye Kuzyomkino village, in Kingisepp district.

Mr Yakunin, was a gas plant worker and the couple were described as the ‘perfect couple’. However a pickle jar was kept open in the kitchen which was given to Alexander by his grandmother the day before their deaths. It’s suspected that botulinum toxin from the pickles is the reason for the death. The toxin could cause paralysis or even death through respiratory failure.

Mikhail Khomchenko the neighbour said alcohol poisoning was not possible since the couple wouldn’t drink. He said, “I have only positive feelings about them.”

Alexander’s father has been looking after the 5 year old girl and 1 year old toddler.

It’s so heartbreaking to imagine the children slept beside the blackened corpses of their poisoned parents. May the parent’s soul rest in peace. May God bless the children with love, peace and comfort. 

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