5 Yr Old Boy Refused To Leave The Store Without Helping Him Out.

Source: Reddit

My son’s second Christmas was fast approaching. He wasn’t even a year old yet. I had the idea that each year I would purchase him an ornament that when he moved into his own home he’d have something for his own tree that carried memories. I went to sears. Row upon row of ornaments. I realized I’m very girlie when I buy things like this. I needed a males perspective.

I see a little boy walking by. Me, “would you be willing to help me with something?” Little boy, “what?” Me pointing to my son, “he’s still too little to pick out an ornament. Would you be willing to help?” His chest swells up and he begins looking around at the ornaments. Me, “anything you want. I don’t know what a little boy might like”

This little boy took his job very seriously. Taking the ornaments down and looking each one over. His mother finally wandered over and told him they were leaving. Little boy, “I can’t leave.” His mom, “you absolutely can because we’re leaving now!” Little boy, “but I haven’t finished helping this little boy out yet!” Mom looks at me. I point at my son and explain what’s occurring. She smiles and kicks back waiting.

I continue to follow this young man handing down ornaments as he requests them. He finally chooses one. It’s Santa on skis and tilted like he’s just jumped into the air. The ornament is wood! Me, “what made you decide on this one?” Little boy, “he’s tiny so if he breaks it he won’t get hurt” Years later the German Shepard chewed it. But that little boy was the most thoughtful young man I have ever met.

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