51-year-old author says women over 50 are “too old” to be loved

He is the prize-winning author of many books. But he’s also gained quite a name for being openly ageist and sexist.

In an interview with Marie-Claire magazine’s French version, Yann Moix stated that women in their 50s are “too, too old” for love. The prominent novelist and television host was 50 years old at the time of the interview, in which he stated that ladies his age were “invisible” to him.

He stated, he simply loves the physique of younger ladies. A 25-year-old woman’s physique is amazing. A 50-year-old woman’s physique is nothing out of the norm.

Yann Moix has said unequivocally that he enjoys dating Asian women, particularly Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese. “It may be depressing and reductive for the women he dates, but the Asian type is rich, big, and endless for him not to be embarrassed,” he explained.

He made matters worse by giving another interview to The Times and refusing to apologise for the words he made.

He continued, expressing more cruel thoughts that might make you feel sick, he stated that White western ladies exhaust him. His hair stands on end because of them. They irritate him.

He remarked that he is not questioning their external intellectual and professional validity, or the legitimacy of becoming a mother. He is saying that they don’t bring him anything in the closeness of a relationship. He quit seeing them a long time ago.

Undoubtedly, his remarks provoked widespread uproar, prompting him to justify himself on RTL radio.

Yann Moix stated that he does not regard this as a source of pride, but rather as a curse. It isn’t his fault. They are not accountable for their interests, desires, or inclinations. He is not here to debate this.

He declared, everyone is a slave of their preferences. He is a slave of his.

Yann Moix later stated in an attempt to justify himself, women in their fifties don’t notice him too. They have more important things to accomplish than avoid a neurotic who writes and reads all day. It’s not easy to be around him.

Several women, some in their 50s, stated they didn’t mind losing out on being smitten by a “sexist” after reading what the writer had to say.

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