6-year-old boy burned by bully with fireball to the face, family says

A 6-year-old child in Connecticut is being treated at a hospital after another person reportedly wrapped a tennis ball in gasoline and tossed it at him on Sunday, causing second and third-degree burns.

Police in Bridgeport, Connecticut, claimed unattended kids were observed on Sunday setting stuff on fire and playing with gasoline. Bridgeport police discovered Dominick Krankall, 6, with serious wounds and sent him to a local hospital.

According to the story, the 6-year-old has a bloated face and a long recuperation ahead of him, but he may ultimately have minor scarring because of the episode. The investigation is “extremely active,” according to police, and further information will be released soon.

Dominick may have been burned to death, according to Krankall’s sister, Kayla Deegan. She explained that it resulted in her baby brother laying in the hospital bed, who may have died from burns. He can’t sleep, eat, or talk because he’s exhausted. It’s simply not fair; seeing him like this makes her want to cry. According to Deegan, another neighbor was the one who tossed the gasoline-covered tennis ball at Krankall.

Deegan explained that what he did was pour gasoline on a tennis ball, grab a lighter, fire it up, and just toss it right in front of her brother’s face and then ran away from him and watched him burn. There have been no charges filed.

The family’s GoFundMe page has gathered approximately $130,000 and claims that the tragedy was caused by bullying. According to an update on the campaign, Krankall’s condition is improving, yet he will remain in bed for quite a long time.

Hope the little boy recovers soon. Praying for his mental and physical healing too. 

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