6 Year Old Does Something INCREDIBLE For His Single Mom.

Back in June, in Denver, 6-year-old Brady Campbell’s dad, Brandon, died following a battle with Stage 4 colon cancer. It was certainly devastating for the entire family. But before his father passed, he asked young Brady to promise him something. Brandon wanted him to promise that he would take care of his mom.

The youngster promised his dying dad that he would. The two of them discussed how that could be accomplished. And together, they came up with a lemonade stand, and Brandon even helped his son make the sign and gathered the materials for it.

So the very next day after his dad died, Brady followed through on his promise. He set up a lemonade stand in front of the family home. He wanted to sell the lemonade, he said, to take his mom on a date, something his dad would be proud of him doing.

Neighbors and friends started coming by, and they bought his lemonade. Then, a police officer stopped by and bought some lemonade. And when he heard about Brady’s story, he put a call out to all other area officers and first responders.

Many police cars and fire trucks made their way to Brady’s neighborhood for some lemonade. By the end of the day, young Brady had raised $244. And he took his mom out on a very nice date. Brandon sure would have been proud of his little boy. 

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